Skykeepers is a Metroidvania 2D action platforming video game developed and published by Swordtwin Studios. The game was released for Steam, xbox and playstation. The goal is to bring back the player’s childhood memory with the most classic and memorable game plays in this 3D dominating game industry. It encourages the players to constantly improve their skill through challenging game play and reach fulfilment after they complete their goal.


UI / UX designer, artist, animator





Target consumers

According to the Entertainment Software Association’s 2012 data, the average gamer is 30 years old and has been playing for 12 years. Sixty eight percent of gamer are 18 years of age or older. The Ideal users will be 25-35 years old who had experienced the late 90’s video game era with a financial base that can afford a pay to play game and are looking for an engaging 2D platforming game. Here is the persona we made for our target consumer.

Wireframe and Flowchart


Part of the major mechanic of the game is the village upgrade system, the system allows players to obtain new combat skills and forge collectable materials into useful items. We soon discover a few major problems with this design after our first play test session.

– The initial shop and upgrade design was too complicated for player to understand.

– The village design had major navigation issue.


-Redesign and change the perspective of the village art

-Simplify each upgrade screen

-Summarized the features and implement drop down menus

This is the initial mock up for the council chamber, we realised that the interface design was too complicated, during the player test session many tester were confused about the navigation on this screen.


 As a solution we simplify the Council chamber screen and break it down to multiple screens, by doing that we increase the visibility and findability so the players can know what they are suppose to do immediately when they see each screen. We constrain the players by giving  them limited actions in each screen, so it’s less likely for them to make mistakes.


This is the initial village upgrade illustration, we found that the navigation might be confusing to the players, since the control options only allow them to select up, down, left and right, and the current layout design might mislead the player that they have to a top 3/4 selection to get to their desire target.


The revised village design is a flat on horizontal view, which the users can easily navigate with the controller by pressing left and right.


After many feedback from the team, and the servery and interviews from the players from playtest session, we made many mockup iterations, but the result was rewarding.


Early game Inventory screen mock up, used for visual communication with game designer’s concept to show the team how intuitive the idea is to players.


In this screen players can unlock new missions and replay old missions, and see the story line and the reward for each mission.


Death screen is used when player run out of health, inspired by a very famous 90’s fighting game.


Battle screen mock up in the early game development stage,  a guide to show the team members the placement of the character portrait, item portrait, health bar, energy bar, and show the visual target of in game combat.


Item assets design chart, the items were used for  in game collectables, shop commodity, and currency.


Attack icons, a list of design for crystal icons which represent character’s attack.


Logo design concepts for the game SkyKeepers with the theme of the game.


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