About: The Prince of the Underworld, was far away from his father’s expectation.

He despite violence and evil, and worship peace and justice,
which made him an outcast in the underworld.

As much as he hates who he is and where he live,
the controversy between his blood and who he is made him strong.

After years of living in chaos and growing up in battles after battle,
he found out there’s a different world out there,
a world which you don’t have to kill your siblings just to survive,
a shot to a peaceful life, the place is called “The surface”

The thought of leaving the underworld angers “The king of the underworld”,
he will never let his son escape the under world.
Therefore he send the most ruthless soldier of his to capture his son.

In order to reach “the surface” he had to turn against his father and kill his way out of the hell-hole,
but his true power hiding in his blood is craving for the chance to unleash as he face the greatest power from the underworld.

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