The Last Dragon Rider

About: A long time ago,
there was a battle between the dragon riders and the evil clan, the riders were strong, able to control one of the most dangerous creatures ever, but they were too proud.
The evil clan was never as powerful as the dragon riders, but they were clever, sneaky, and have patience.
They have many strategies when it comes to war, and they were able to use dark magic, when they attack in group, they were able to use the dark magic to control the dragons, for the plan to work they have to sacrifice a lot of their own, but it was a sacrifice they were willing to make.
The war went on for hundred years, the dragon hunter got taken down one by one, and the evil clan grew stronger after each war.
Eventually it comes down to the battle between the last dragon rider and the most fierce team of the evil clan.

This battle went on for days, the dragon rider fought bravely and took down more than half of the team. He fought for honer, for the friend and loved ones he had lost in the war.

But the evil team were too clever, too fast to catch, and there were too many of them.

The rider got one final attack, he knows after this attack he will have nothing left, no energy left to retreat, but he doesn’t care, he wanted to use this attack to take down as many little bastards as he can.

As clever as the evil clan were, they knew it was the rider’s last attack, and the most powerful attack in the battle, so the only choice they had was to use their strongest attack to face it.

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